Project ‘Portraits’, a day in a life 
1995- ………..
Presentations: Public Library, Rotterdam



On behalf of the execution of this project people are invited to describe a day in their life. In order to do so, they fill in a form with their activities, using a time schedule.

The participants choose their day and the way in which they fill in the form: business-like or very personal. 

Out of these descriptions, paintings are made. A painted grid divides the canvasses in parts which each represent 30 minutes. These parts of 30 minutes together make a 24 hour day.


The forms are filled in and sent back. The activities mentioned in these forms are ‘translated’ in 42 categories. Each category is connected with a specific colour. The activities of the participants are represented as coloured lines inside the grid.


In the legend which accompanies every painting you iil find the name of the portrayed person; together with date, age, profession, residence and country. Here you will also find the categories with their matching colours; in this way you will be able to ‘read’ this abstract painting.

The project started May 1995 and will be continued for an indefinite period.