Japan, Osaka Diary: artist-in-residency, photography, video, exhibition
September, October 2001
Presentation: SUMISO Gallery, Osaka





As part of the Japanese–European Art project PUDDLES Rotterdam based artist Hanneke Breuker stayed as an artist-in-residence at the artists initiative Clean Brothers in Osaka. Trips were made to the cities of Kyoto and Nara. In Osaka several museums, galleries and art shows were visited, amongst them the opening of the Osaka Biennale. Osaka was explored by bike and city walks.

At the end of the stay a group show with work of the artists of Clean Brothers and Clean Sisters was organised at the SUMISO Gallery. Hanneke Breuker showed work brought to Osaka from Rotterdam: oil paintings and a work titled Digital Diary in combination with work made during the artist-in-residence period: the Osaka Diary.

The series of oil paintings were abstract: grids. Osaka Diary was also presented as a grid: pictures taken in the city of Osaka. Each day the pictures were printed and pinned up at the gallery. The work, a digital diary, growing in time: a city portrait of Osaka in 296 pictures.


Thanks to: the artists of Clean Brothers. Special thanks to Yoshihito Kawabata, Shin-ichi Yanai, Yumi Nakamura, Yuri Yamaoki and Naoko Takada.